Esther Alonso

Client lead UK & Northern EMEA, NY Times
Don’t stick to companies, stick to people because people will take you further in your career. They will help you grow.


I am an ambitious Spaniard who moved to the UK to start a successful career in advertising. I oversee the luxury and CPG global partnerships at the New York Times in London.

What would you say is the best thing but about working in your current role at the New York Times?

Working for the New York Times, feels like having a values-driven job and belonging to the most authentic and credible mission ever. I feel privileged to work with the most trusted and smart journalists in the world.

I enjoy the flexibility and the freedom in which I feel I can do my job as well as the variety that my role offers, including lots of travelling, meeting new and interesting clients on a weekly basis, going for fancy meals or attending events.


What is the biggest marketing industry challenge for Brands?

The challenges that many brands face these days is working to ensure they survive this crisis, but most importantly trying to reach consumers in meaningful ways. It’s key to find the balance between staying relevant and being sensitive enough to avoid coming across as pushy, as this could have a big impact on their reputation and success.


And then also when working with marketing Partners, what do you look for?

Since I work in partnerships, I look for three main things:

  1. Either a cool brand who is trying to do something meaningful and impactful
  2. A brand whose values are similar to ours and want to drive change and do something for society
  3. Or a brand with a crazy budget and open to creativity, as that gives me flexibility to pitch something cool, fun and creative.


What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

My current boss took me for lunch once  and she said and you are young and beautiful, so  if you want men to take you seriously – and you’re going to come across with many senior powerful men in this industry – stay relevant by keeping up-to-date with the latest news.

During a business trip to NYC, the head of advertising also told me: “If you want to be successful in your career, do not stick to companies, stick to people. People will like you, and they will help you grow, and take you further in your career”.


What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had at work?

My happiest work-related moment was when I was on vacation in Rome, and my current boss called me to confirm I had sold my very first 6 figures deal to an alcohol client I had been working hard on for a very long time. I celebrated the accomplishment in Rome with my mum, and when I came back to work, my boss had bought me a bottle of the whiskey brand I had closed the deal with as a gift to celebrate. Work hard, play hard, I said to myself!


What inspires you?

The world’s endless and richest possibilities, people loving life and being themselves, empowering women and music.

I love people with good energy who prioritise human feelings over all. No matter how great a job is, how much they pay you or how big your CV is, if you don’t like what you do, the people you work with, or you don’t feel excited in the mornings to go to work, then you should certainly change your career. I don’t mind Mondays. I am happy to go to work.


What values do you live by?

You bring on what you think on, abundance and law of attraction.

Before getting my previous job at an agency, I interviewed for the NY Times but after four interviews I didn’t get the role. I kept the visitor pass with me, put it on my bedside table and told myself that one day I would work for this company. I also repeated these words to myself whenever I walked past the NY Times office in London. A year and a half later, I received a call from them and secured a role with the company! The Law of Attraction really plays a big part in my life.


If you were going to give your younger self some advice, what would that be?

I’d tell her to live in the moment, patience is a virtue, not to worry about the future, take risks, never settle, trust god’s timing and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone’s got their own time. Work hard, and believe in you. Don’t live by others’ opinions and be yourself — people might judge you either way, so just stay real and do what you love. What your mind can achieve, real life can bring you. I’d certainly reiterate that it’s never too late to change, and for sure, to enjoy life. Enjoying life and having joy is my favourite hobby.


If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what would you be doing?

I am very chaotic and very passionate, so every day I feel like being something new or starting something else. Who knows, I could have been an actress, run my own live music bar in the caribbean or certainly work in the music industry as a talent manager.


What’s your favourite:

Brand:  Casablanca

Book: The pocket oracle and the art of prudence

Podcast: The Daily by The New York Times – The voice of the host, Michael Barbaro is incredible.

Food & Restaurant: Indian – Dishoom


Testimonial – what has your experience been working with us?

Painful and amazing at the same time. The former, because It hurt to know how good they were and how inexperienced I was, and amazing because they taught me the basis of my career. They are the most hard working, rigorous, meticulous, and sensible people I have worked with. I always thought, if I had my own agency one day, I’d certainly hire them as I know they will simply get the job done and execute perfectly. They are super trust-worthy and on top of it, they are understanding, kind and empathetic.

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