Our Story

After 8+ years of working in digital advertising in London, POD co-founders Yee and Clàudia took a break from their careers in early 2020 to travel the world (...great timing!). When the coronavirus pandemic struck and the whole world went into lockdown, they unexpectedly got stuck in a small coastal town, Whitianga, in New Zealand's north island.

Awaiting their return to the UK in an 80's-decorated 'bach', they began to reflect on their careers and the digital marketing industry as they knew it. This led to their shared vision for an agency that challenged some of the ways of working that the industry had become accustomed to. So, despite the unusual circumstances, the pair committed to the creation of POD Studios, a paid digital marketing agency for brands that think digital-first.

Meet the core team

Yee Phillips

Co-founder & Director

Clàudia Baldellou

Co-founder & Director

George Clarkson

Senior Account Manager