Driving Brand Awareness and Growth for Circle in

Circle in

The Challenge

Circle in is a digital-first employee benefits platform that provides on-demand access to expert advice for caregiving employees at every life stage.

When Circle in approached POD Studios, they had successfully launched in Australia but wanted to further increase brand awareness and drive growth in the market, whilst also expanding to the US and the UK.

The Solution

We worked closely with Circle in's General Manager and the marketing team to develop a paid digital strategy that leveraged the brand's existing suite of ‘lead drivers’ that were being used organically. Lead Gen ads featuring relevant and current topics in the workplace were designed with platform best practices in mind to attract the attention of Circle in's core audience whilst they were browsing on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

In parallel, we utilised market insights and our access to data partners to refine the brand's ideal customer profile and translate it into targetable personas, which allowed Circle in to efficiently reach key decision makers within high growth businesses and large corporates.

To ensure the best balance between volume and lead relevance, a number of A/B tests were also carried out at the lead gen form level, which resulted in an increase in the lead quality over time.

The campaign exceeded expectations, exceeding the 'Cost per Lead' KPI by an average of 74% across all platforms.e


3 Markets

Cost Per Lead vs KPI

Exceeded KPIs across all of them

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